Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Although this post should have been done on 28/01/2015 as that was the day Bianca arrived in the mission field ... procrastination wins again.

On wards and up wards ... Bianca has had a safe and wonderful arrival in the mission field and was thrilled to meet with her mission president and his wife.

An excerpt from her email after her arrival:

"Hello my lovelies - I've arrived in Perth!
Today I've been so blessed.
Firstly I forgot to tell you guys but my luggage was just over weight but instead of making me pay the lady at the desk rounded my weight numbers down. So i got off with out having to pay.
The flights were smooth and we transferred successfully (even though we got lost in melbourne airport haha)
We were picked up by the mission president and his wife at the airport and they took up to the mission home - it's amazing! Like a mansion..
They've already taken us to kings park (biggest park in the hemisphere apparently)
Anyways I'm safe. I'm staying here for the night then meeting my trainer tomorrow. Everyone here is so lovely and kind. I'm so excited!
I miss you all and love you soooo much!
Talk to you next week on Pday

Love Sister Bisogno - buggle, biancs, bunc bunc"

Then the next day we received an email from the Mission President and his wife with four photos ... have posted below.

A small note from the email" Dear Brother and Sister Bisogno ,

We are happy to inform you that your daughter, Sister Bianca Bisogno, arrived here in the Australia Perth Mission, and we thank you for sending her to us.  We are glad to have her here, and have confidence that she is going to be a fine missionary.
Her companion in the Wanneroo Area, Sister Allen, is a strong and faithful missionary who will play a vital role in the adjustments and training process your daughter will go through.  We encourage you to continue to pray for her success and happiness and to write letters of encouragement and support.
It is our privilege to have Sister Bisogno serve with us.  It is a great trust that you and Heavenly Father have placed in us to assist her in realizing her full potential as a servant of God.  We will assist in every opportunity to help her to grow in the gospel, to bless others and to invite all to come unto Christ.  She will truly be an instrument in the hands of the Lord."

                                              The two missionaries Bianca travelled with
                                               The new missionaries with their companions

                                    Bianca and her Mission President and his wife, the Lindsay's
                                      Bianca and her companion, Sister Allen

We are missing her so much but when we read her mail and see these kind of emails, we are so glad Bianca is getting to do what she wants to do.  So, till next time .. . happy reading

Monday, 2 February 2015

I made a commitment to myself that I would faithfully attend to Bianca's missionary journey and sadly, my faithfully has become a little unfaithful, so I am making amends.

We were very excited on 28/01/2015 to be able to get to the airport at 04h10 to wait for our daughter to arrive from the MTC ... of course, the amount of people checking in were just overwhelming but seeing our daughter for the first time in two weeks was just as overwhelming.

We have some photos posted below more yet on facebook, so please feel free to check both. One of my biggest concerns is that Bianca would be left to work out her own way everywhere and whilst she would cope, me ... not so sure. However, as usual, God is good and Bianca flew out to the Australia, Perth mission with two other missionaries who were called to serve there as well.

Please see an expert from one of her emails from the MTC. "I can't wait to get to Perth. The MTC has been so amazing. I've learnt so much. We went to the temple on Thursday and it was great. The Tongan sisters helped me during the session which made it even lovelier. On the way down to Hamilton, both on the bus ride up and down, the Tongan missionaries sung hymns. It was so beautiful and it really set tone.Wehad our last day in classes  yesterday. I can't believe how quickly time has gone by".

                                                 seeing dad for the first time in two weeks
                                                   aunts, brother and father seeing Bianca
                                    Bianca's missionary group about to go to different missions
                                      all leaving for mission on the same day - different times
                                                     saying good bye to new friends

                                                       the Bianca we know and love
                                                             Bianca and grandpa
                                            the hardest part -saying goodbye for 18 months