Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Bianca's setting apart

Hi all

As mentioned previously on Bianca's facebook and my facebook, I (with the help of my clever daughter, Chiara) have created this blog for Bianca's missionary journey.

I have obviously sent you all the link and hope you will enjoy reading the updates. I have already sent her email address and if I have missed anyone (not intentionally) please fb me and I will send it to you via a private message.

Last night we had a wonderful evening where she was set apart and spent time with so many special people and really felt the love and support. Thank you. She was moved beyond her capacity to express.

Some photos of last night (see more on fb).

                                                                      Lovely Bianca
                                                                  Talking with her aunts
                                                      Jess and Bianca - very old friends
                                               Bianca with her special pops or gramps
                                             Bianca and family from Henderson Valley
                                                        Bianca and some of the family
A family shot


  1. These pictures are wonderful Dannielle. A quick peek into a momentous event we so wished we could have been part of. Our love and thoughts surrounded you from so far away. xxx Megs, Shane and Rory