Thursday, 15 January 2015

email from Sister Bisogno

So .. received a very brief email from our daughter, the lovely Sister Bisogno

"Hi family!
First off I want to say that I already miss you guys so much. Just writing that is making me want to cry again.
As soon as I walked into the building I got my tag. Sister Bisogno. Can you guys believe it?
I was led into the next room to wait for my companion and fill in a form. My companions name is Sister Yu. She is from Hong Kong and has been here for a month already learning english and cantonese. She is going to serve in the Sydney north mission. I've unpacked and semi settled in. I read your letters (chiara and mum) thank you!  I will keep those words close to my heart and will never forget them.  I love you all so much. Thank you for supporting me on this journey. Don't worry I'll be home before you know it!

Don't miss me too much,
love your Buggle/Biancs/ SISTER BISOGNO
Ps Please tell everyone I miss them and love them."

So, please know that Bianca misses you and sends her love


  1. I am about to email her. Thank you for creating this Dannielle. Your an a daughter is an amazing young lady and she will be so amazing in this calling. Much love

  2. ahh thanks Megs ... she will love getting the email xoxo